Introducing Optimizing Project Management

A Complete Project Management Course

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Optimizing Project Management (OPM) course is designed as the most comprehensive project management course on the marketing today. The main objective is to provide a thorough foundation to project management, regardless of the approaches (e.g. traditional waterfall or predictive versus adaptive or agile). The course is available in three general formats, even though institutions can further customize the options.

  • eLearning – 140+ videos and growing with interactive projects and quizzes
  • Essential – 14 hrs real-time course + eLearning
  • Comprehensive – 35 hrs real-time courses + eLearning

The course content is based on Dr. Wu’s latest book with the same name – Optimizing Project Management (May 2020 by CRC Press), and this book is widely available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other fine bookstores. Written in plain language that is accessible for everyone, this book is an indispensable guide. In addition, the course extends significantly belong the book in 3 ways:

  1. More updated content such as discussion of latest methods and project examples from real-life
  2. More exercises, discussions, and project suggestions
  3. More project management tools, templates and tools.

  Participants can approach the course in two ways: sequentially from start to finish OR jump within the course to particular topics. This course (and book) is organized as follows, making it a truly unique and useful:

  • 4 parts (Introduction, PM Life Cycle, PM Knowledge Domains, Beyond PM)
  • 5 Life Cycles (Ideation, Initiation, Preparation, Implementation, and Transition and/or Closure)
  • 12 Knowledge Domains (Integration, Stakeholder, Scope, Schedule, Resources, Cost, Communication, Risk, Quality, Supply Chain, Conflict, and Governance)

Courses in this Program:

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